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Shane McMahon's WWE Return, Heat On One WWE Star, Vince Drops F-Bomb At Raw, Frustration Over Reigns

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- Shane McMahon’s return caught everyone by surprise. He flew in on a separate aircraft into a smaller airport. Most workers were “surprised and shocked” when he returned, with many coming to the “Gorilla position” to watch from the back. 90% of workers didn’t know he was there.

- As for Shane returning to work The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32, here’s some background. Vince McMahon has wanted a “control” angle for two years now and never pulled the trigger with Triple H. Vince recently reached out to Shane, who was open to doing something. Most of the things Shane stated in his promo was a worked shoot with him telling how he really felt. The long-term outcome of this angle hasn’t been decided upon yet but it’s interesting that we’re hearing Hunter isn’t completely on board.

- What this means for Sting and John Cena seems to be fairly obvious at this point, they're not cleared to compete. We're following up on each of them and hope to have an update later in the week.

- Wade Barrett has some heat amongst his co-workers following the news that he’s leaving WWE later this year. Apparently his “frustration with how he’s been booked” and ultimately deciding to leave because of it has rubbed some people the wrong way.

- Vince McMahon dropped the f-bomb in front of the live crowd at Raw, which garnered a non-PG chant. There was a video I planned on including but WWE legal has already had it removed from YouTube.

- Not only are fans down on Roman Reigns but we’re hearing a lot of people within WWE are tired of getting yelled at over him. One of the complaints from the past couple years to producers and writers is they need to do a better job of getting him over but it’s something that is really wearing on some people.

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