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Disagreements Over WWE NXT & Wrestlemania 32 Plans, Impact Of Shane McMahon's Shocking Return

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Triple H & Vince McMahon at Gorilla

There is some backstage drama in WWE as we alluded to in Tuesday’s exclusive. The drama stems from a difference of opinion between Vince McMahon and Triple H. There has been some increased pressure on Vince McMahon to name his successor with some wondering if Hunter is the right guy for the job even with his lack of business background.

Hunter and Vince have disagreed on some pretty notable issues lately, with NXT being one of them. While Vince is very happy with what Triple H has built, Vince doesn’t feel NXT is helping in terms of talent development. Vince feels like NXT should be their feeder system where if they need talent, they should be able to go there for a call-up for the main roster. He doesn’t care the cost of how it hurts NXT as he wants that as the main point, while Hunter has argued with NXT being a world touring brand, they have to be very careful. One example is Vince has wanted Finn Balor up to the main roster since August and wants Bailey “promoted” as well. Triple H likes them where they are because they bolster the brand, especially with the increased touring schedule.

The booking of Wrestlemania 32 has things a little more on edge. Vince still to this day feels they should have done whatever possible to get The Rock on the card. Hunter opposed that notion and kept telling Vince they would be fine without them, pitching the scenario where he won the belt to headline the show.

Vince held a meeting earlier this year with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon about their eventual succession of him, explaining the need for investor confidence and the business end of the company and it’s not just a bunch of wrestlers. I don’t know exactly how Shane McMahon fits into this but remember before his departure in 2010, he was key to helping WWE evolve in numerous global markets. Triple H and Stephanie basically “won out” in terms of having Vince’s support as his successors.

Now Shane is back and it could just be for a few months to discover whether or not he enjoys it. However, this will be a story that we’ll continue to follow to see if Shane’s return becomes more than just an on-air talent and how he impacts eventual succession plans.

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