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Shocking News Regarding The Contract Status Of A Top TNA Star - Details On Who It Is & How Their Contract Is Coming Up Very Soon; Why TNA Wants To Opt Out & Sign Them At A Lower Rate, Possibly Heading To WWE?

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I heard some interesting news regarding the contract status of Kurt Angle. While he signed a new three-year deal in September 2011 with TNA Wrestling, I'm told years two and three are TNA options. This means Angle's contract is coming up and my source says TNA is trying to get Angle to take a pay cut.

My source says TNA wants to opt out and sign Angle under a new deal at a lower rate. As a negotiating chip, Angle is threatening to return to WWE if they do not meet his demands. However, I'm told WWE has very little interest in Angle and feel he brings more risk than he does reward.

It was mentioned to me that Angle is "strangely pretty tight" with Jeff Hardy, however, Hardy has no pull at all when it comes to TNA's purse strings.

At this point Angle isn't believed to be going anywhere, but he's trying extremely hard to make TNA think he'll return to WWE. I'm told they don't seem to be buying it but it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

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