Shocking News On a Top WWE Star Challenging For Both The WWE & World Heavyweight Championship; Exclusive Details On Chris Jericho's WWE Future Including His Unique Contract That Allows Him Time Off For Outside Projects

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WWE officials are very high up on Daniel Bryan and believe it or not, there has actually been talk about him challenging for both the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship at an upcoming pay-per-view.


There's been a lot written about Chris Jericho's future in WWE. While he does have a few dates with Fozzy in June, the big tour doesn't begin until the third week of August. The plan as of this week was for Jericho to work SummerSlam before taking time off to tour with his band.

Jericho's WWE contract is based on months of action, not the typical "year contract" that most workers have. Therefore rather than his deal expiring in January 2013, it will actually allot for him to take three and half months off to tour with Fozzy before returning. I'm told his current deal isn't expected to run out until after Wrestlemania XXIX next year. All of these outside factors were taken into consideration when his contract was drafted.

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