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Source - Vince McMahon Pulls The Plug On WWE Star's Push Due To Behavioral Problems Backstage

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I mentioned last Wednesday I was checking into the disappearance of Brodus Clay and in Thursday's edition of Ask WNW I noted what I heard so far was the gimmick was shelved due to poor in-ring work. I've now heard back from my investigative source with more details on the situation.

I'm told a lot of the rumblings that Vince McMahon pulled the plug on Clay's push because of his in-ring work were based on assumptions. The feeling was because his match against Heath Slater was pulled from Smackdown, it must have been bad. My source noted Clay's push being shelved had to do with attitude, not work.

According to my source, a lot of people didn't like the way Clay was carrying himself backstage and Vince McMahon had already labeled him as "difficult." Now, had his work been stronger, it might have saved him, but Vince making the call to nix his push was primarily because people felt the push was going to his head and that he was too opinionated. Rather than keeping his mouth shut and doing what he was told, Clay was reportedly trying to have a lot of input on the gimmick and didn't hesitate to speak up if he thought an idea was stupid or if he didn't agree with the writing team's direction.

The decision was finally made to "put him in his place" rather than put any more steam on a guy that even on his way up was already showing signs that he could become a problem down the road.

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