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Spike TV Looking To Move On From TNA Wrestling

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Following up on our report about Spike TV being interested in purchasingTNA Wrestling, people within TNA are saying it was a lowball offer and that if Dixie Carter decided to sell, they think they could get more than what Spike was offering.

We're able to confirm that TNA took meetings with potential buyers and potential networks last week. One source, speaking under the condition of anonymity, stated they're in desperation mode trying to find a TV deal and if they can't, find a buyer.

Spike's position is they don't want "anything to do with Dixie Carter after the first of the year" and the whole experience has really soured them on wrestling. It hasn't helped that some of the Bellator guys -- such as Rampage Jackson -- have spoken so poorly of their TNA experience. Spike is really encouraged by Bellator's potential right now and money they could be pouring into TNA, they'd rather devote to Bellator at this point. Put all their eggs in that basket and really try to build the brand.

The feeling from the network side is they've tried everything possible to build up TNA and finally feel like they're wasting their time. It's now believed if they could acquire the company "dirt cheap" and use it as programming they own, that's one thing, but otherwise they'd rather get out of the wrestling business and really focus on Bellator.

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