Stress Backstage In WWE, Legitimate Shoot On Raw, Who Has Heat, Orton's Future

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Vince McMahon

- The backstage atmosphere in WWE has been very stressful again this week. We're told there was a late rewrite at Raw and as a result, some of the talent brought to the show weren't used.

- The proposal during John Cena's match against Dolph Ziggler on Raw was a shoot. We're told there was some heat on Rusev/Lana for their engagement getting out via a TMZ report. While dot com eventually covered it as well, officials weren't pleased about it getting out in the midst of the current program involving Ziggler. When TMZ posted the piece, what WWE did on dot com was seen as damage control in a way to kayfabe as much as possible. Original TMZ coverage is available at this link with details on how WWE handled it at this link. I can't help but remember how Brooke Hogan's engagement to former Dallas Cowboys player Phil Costa in the midst of her angle with Bully Ray got her so much heat that it did her in with TNA Wrestling. It's difficult to keep kayfabe in the age of TMZ and social media.

- Vince McMahon couldn't blame the writers for the atrocious Roman Reigns segment because it was his idea. Vince felt like they could get Reigns sympathy but it flat out bombed.

- Quick hits:Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose are rumored to have a short program coming... We're also told a program between Stardust and Cesaro... Kalisto was examined after his bout with Kevin Owens on Raw due to a knot in the back of his head.

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