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How AJ Styles Won Vince McMahon Over, Blown Spot On Raw, Backstage News On Upcoming Angles

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AJ Styles

- Vince McMahon was “very excited” to have Enzo Amore back and “loves his energy.”

- Apollo Crews blew a spot with Chris Jericho. He was supposed to catch Jericho on his shoulders and do a death valley driver spot but it didn’t go as planned. There were some people backstage that were critical of the spot.

- If you’re getting concerned about AJ Styles losing clean to Kevin OwensWrestlemania 32, Extreme Rules and Raw, you aren’t alone. There was a push to try and change the ending of the match on Raw to have The Club walk to the ramp and distract Styles, allowing Owens to get the win. The reason it wasn’t changed is because the feeling was if it was pushed hard on commentary how hard AJ battled the night before and he was banged up, the loss would not matter. The plan is for Styles to feud with The Club until Finn Balor shows up and creates The Bullet Proof Club, which will be the name.

- Speaking of The Club, there is talk of adding either Shinsuke Nakamura or Samoa Joe to it.

- Notice in this Raw Fallout videoKevin Owens teased it’s not even AJ’s club but someone else’s. Moving forward, the thought process is to have the Styles vs. Balor feud along side Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins, eventually having The Bullet Proof Club attack both men.

- AJ Styles has really won Vince McMahon over with his work. So much so that they’re looking to get a title on him prior to the start of next year but we’re not sure how that fits in with the aforementioned angles. I heard it’s not just Styles’s in-ring work but Vince respects him for almost playing hard to get and proving himself internationally. He also loves that Styles doesn’t work a cartoonish style and it looks very realistic for someone his size.

- As you could probably tell by watching, WWE did everything they could to have Seth Rollins rip the crowd to generate heat because they’re so set on Roman Reigns being babyface. The problem is babyfaces are trained to have a very short memory and the chants for Rollins are going to continue. As one observer put it, they’re naive if they think Rollins won’t be the babyface in the match at Money in the Bank. With that being said, expect commentary to continuing to spin Reigns as a guy that always garners a reaction.

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