SummerSlam Plans And A List Of Matches


With SummerSlam a month away, many matches are starting to take form and fall into the current WWE plan. While the Smackdown Live side is much more locked into place than the Raw side, here are the current planned matches. Please note that WWE changes things at the drop of a dime, however, these are the top matches planned for SummerSlam.

- AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe

- Daniel Bryan vs The Miz

- Carmella vs Becky Lynch

If Jeff Hardy can rest up and can be healthy, it will be Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton

On the Raw side, there are still a lot of moving parts to be made. A final decision on the main event of SummerSlam, which is the Brock Lesnar match, has not been made as of this writing. Some feel that Vince has gone back and forth on the main event as if it will be a triple threat or if it will be a singles match. If it will be Brock and Lashley facing each other, it will then be Ziggler and McIntyre facing Reigns and Rollins. If Roman ends up in the main event of SummerSlam, then plans are Rollins and McIntyre, then Ziggler and Balor.

The other planned matches on the Raw side for SummerSlam are:

- Alexa Bliss vs Ronda Rousey

- Sasha Banks vs Bayley

WWE is once again planning on having a loaded card with 10-12 matches.

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