More SummerSlam Plans Revealed, What Stopped Undertaker From Returning To WWE, Clearing Up Stacy Keibler To WWE Return Rumors, Total Divas Drama & Feuds

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More SummerSlam Plans Revealed

We're told the latest plan was to do Mark Henry & Big Show vs. The Shield at SummerSlam. The only thing keeping the match from being made official is the return of Big Show. As we reported last week, the company felt that having him return as scheduled on last week's Monday Night Raw was overly optimistic as there are still some injury concerns with him.

The program between Bray Wyatt and Kane is that Bray is trying to get Kane to "come home" and join them. The original plan was for The Undertaker to return but that didn't get done. Compiled with injury concerns, we're told Undertaker didn't show interest and other elements were not to his liking.

Clearing up Stacy Keibler to WWE Rumors

In an attempt to clear up the Stacy Keibler/WWE return rumors, here's is what we know. E originally wanted a "big name" on the "Total Divas" reality show and Stacy "would have been perfect." There was some discussion between executives from the network (likely Bonnie Hammer, although I can't confirm that) and WWE about what they would pay her and Stacy was believed to be on board.

However, Stacy was against the WWE travel schedule and said she wanted limited dates to return. Talks eventually broke down and Vince wouldn't budge on the deal he wanted. While the rumor was to involve Stacy with Daniel Bryan apparently the talk was feuding her with the Bellas. All of course are a moot point as WWE is not talking with Keibler.

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