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Which Superstar WWE Feels They're Dropping The Ball With, Who is WWE Thinking of Turning Heel, Which Superstar is Working Banged Up

Roman Reigns

-Officials are very aware of the poor job that has been done with Bobby Lashley thus far. It is one of those situations where he was simply lost in the shuffle due to the Superstar Shake-up. WWE wanted to debut the night after WrestleMania but didn't account for the Shake Up causing him to get lost in the shuffle. It was poor short-sighted booking. In addition to this, his booking the first couple weeks did him no favors. WWE did nothing to separate him and make him seem like a top guy or make him shine. Again, they are aware of this and will be attempting to make him look special in the coming weeks.

-Speaking of Bobby, he was not blamed at all for the botched suplex with Cass in The Greatest Royal Rumble. For those that may have not of seen it, Bobby, went to do the delayed suplex on Big Cass. They went up the first time and Cass could not go up, and the second time Cass went up and then came crashing down in which the announcers tried covering up as a brainbuster. The botch was on Cass's end as he did on post on Bobby's hip at all, which gave Lashley no support for his weight. This is likely due to the fact Cass has not been suplexed, especially for a delayed suplex, in a very long time and he just didn't support his weight in the correct position.

-WWE is toying with the idea of turning Randy Orton heel again. Orton would much rather be a heel and has wanted to turn heel since the day they turned him face, but the real discussions began last week. The feeling backstage is that AJ and Bryan can carry the show for the face side of things plus Jeff Hardy helps add strength to the faces. Nakamura is positioned as the big heel and the Cass big heel trial run is underway, officials were looking at a long-term plan on the show.

-Roman Reigns has been working hurt since Wrestlemania. Roman did not have any physical of any kind on WWE TV from Wrestlemania until the Greatest Royal Rumble ever and they were trying to let him heal up and rest. Roman got very banged up again on the cage spot at GRR. I can not confirm a specific injury Roman was, or is still is, suffering from, however, I can confirm he was not kept out of contact for just storyline reasons. It will be interesting the next few weeks on how he is used.

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