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Big WWE Talent Contract Coming Up Soon - Details On The Company's Efforts To Re-Sign A Former World Champion & The Realization They Could Be Leaving; More On WWE Not Addressing PPV Bonus Checks Including Justified Concern In The Locker Room

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Rey Mysterio's contract is up in May and we're told WWE is trying really hard to re-sign him after months of "not caring whether he stayed or not." Apparently the change in position has to do with the realization that he could actually be leaving.

While it's certainly true Mysterio has issues regarding his health, there continues to be a lot of frustration amongst workers from the fact that still, nobody has been told how pay-per-view bonuses will be handled with the evolution of the WWE Network.

We're told WWE hopes the switch from pay-per-view to the Network will "drastically reduce" what they have to pay out in pay-per-view bonuses and as far as they are concerned, the Network is a separate revenue stream and the boys will continue to get their cuts from PPV, not the Network. However, this is most certainly going to be an issue with traditional providers dropping pay-per-views and buys for Wrestlemania 30 being down from years past because of the WWE Network.

The worry right now in WWE is there is going to be a lot of upset/disappointed/furious talent when Wrestlemania bonus checks begin to arrive. However, as one observer put it, what leverage do most of the guys have?

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