The Backstage Fallout Of Alberto Del Rio Pulling Up The Mask Of Sin Cara On WWE Raw - Prefacing What Happened With A Bizarre Confrontation Between The Two In Mexico In Which A Gun Was Pulled, What Del Rio Told Producers, Which Worker Has "Insane" Heat & W

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There was a lot of chatter backstage at WWE Raw on Alberto Del Rio pulling up the mask of Sin Cara (pictured here).

I'm told there has been "insane heat" on Cara lately and Del Rio has been one of the main guys complaining about him. The two have had heat with one another since their time in Mexico. In fact, one source with knowledge of their past, told me there was an incident where Sin Cara allegedly pulled a gun on Del Rio.

Back to Monday, I'm told backstage after the match Del Rio claimed to producers that pulling up the mask of Cara was an accident. No one believed him but there isn't heat on him because of the amount of heat on Cara. Some feel Del Rio even scored points with the office for doing it. The same observer says they wouldn't be surprised if someone quietly put Del Rio up to it.

All and all the vibe backstage was Del Rio intentionally pulled up the mask of Sin Cara and more guys may start to mess with him until his attitude changes.

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