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The Outcome Of CM Punk vs. Ryback vs. John Cena At Survivor Series, What WWE Is Planning For TLC Next Month But How They Are Backed Into A Corner, The Rock Willing To Go Under At Wrestlemania?; More On WWE Title Match At Royal Rumble

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The creative quandary continues backstage in WWE as we head into Survivor Series on Sunday. We're told there is a "lot of turmoil" internally over the main event finish on Sunday, what to do at WWE TLC and ultimately whether or not CM Punk heads into Royal Rumble against The Rock with his consecutive days as WWE Champion in tact.

Coming out of this week's TVs, the plan was to rematch the triple threat of Punk, John Cena and Ryback at TLC next month. As we've previously noted, this was set to be next month's main event but was pushed forward due to concerns over the reaction to the original Survivor Series main event. Vince McMahon is leaning towards Punk retaining at Survivor Series although he would then have to retain at TLC and things get tricky in regards to protecting Ryback, yet having him fail to win the title three months in a row.

There are those in creative pushing for Ryback to win the title on Sunday by pinning Punk and then have Punk win it back at TLC by pinning Cena. With The Rock having been planned for a very long time to end Punk's reign at the Royal Rumble, it's been a hard sell to convince Vince to end Punk's reign early and then have him regain at TLC, but they're really backed into a corner here by doing the TLC main event at Survivor Series.

A couple of people feel like Vince is worried how Rock would react if Punk lost before Royal Rumble. While he is cool with going under to Cena at Wrestlemania, he has been under he impression he would be the one to stop Punk's extended reign as WWE Champion.

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