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Janice Carter Threatening To Pull The Plug On TNA Wrestling?; Backstage News On Her Shocking Threat That Has Jeff Jarrett Looking For A New Power Investor, Why Dixie Carter Is Against Selling The Company & What They Are Doing To Current Talent To Cut Cost

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The power struggle in TNA Wrestling continues and a potentially major story is developing behind-the-scenes. I'm told Dixie Carter's mother, Janice, continues to demand that costs be cut and has gone as far as threatening to shut down the entire company if it cannot be run more efficiently or if a buyer cannot be found.

One source, speaking to me under the condition of anonymity, says Jeff Jarrett has been actively trying to bring on new investors in hopes of keeping TNA afloat and regaining more control over the company operations.

Jarrett has found a Nashville-based restaurant chain that is owned by a large investment group and has been working feverishly on a deal that would see that group possibly buy part or all of TNA, with Jarrett wrestling away control of the company from the Carter family.

Dixie Carter is adamant she doesn't want to sell TNA but Janice is believed to feel otherwise so it's a very complicated situation. One of the ways TNA has been trying to reduce spending is by lowering the value of all performer's contracts in renegotiations. Not only is this being done to save money in the short-term but also to make the company look more attractive to potential investors.

I'm told "all of this" is being done against Dixie's wishes but things have gotten to the point where the Carter family is getting tired of "pouring money into a black hole."

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