The Real Reason Edge Pulled Out Of His First Post-WWE Appearance With Billy Corgan's Resistance Pro; Why Edge Is In A Weird Position & Wants To Return To WWE, The Money Offer He's Looking For, More

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There is more to Edge being pulled from his scheduled appearance at Billy Corgan's Resistance Pro show on Friday. I'm told the appearance had never been finalized and he was upset when he found out the promotion was advertising him. He had talked about coming in to help raise money for charity but a day had never been agreed upon as the promotion had moved their date a few times.

When Edge found out he was being advertised before he'd signed off on the date, he pulled out. The promotion covered by claiming the appearance was canceled due to Edge filming for SyFy's "Haven."

Sources close to Edge tell me he's in a weird spot because he wasn't happy with WWE's money offer so he's trying to prove his value elsewhere. It's a difficult situation because not only can he not wrestle but he doesn't own the rights to the Edge name. I'm told he's still hoping to return to WWE but they're stuck in a game of "chicken" because he wants a deal like that of Shawn Michaels(in the ballpark of $300,000/year) to make appearances when needed and WWE isn't offering him anywhere close to that kind of money.

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