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The Real Reason Randy Orton Was Written Off WWE TV, Are His Days As A Top Star Over?

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Randy Orton was written off WWE television due to a separated shoulder. At this point we are unclear whether or not this is in addition to the hand/wrist injury he suffered at last Sunday's WWE Tribute to the Troops taping or what happened at the taping. However, we can confirm he has a legitimate separated shoulder.

In most cases a separated shoulder is not very long term, however, in Orton's case it is a major concern. Orton has previously injured the same shoulder before and has had problems with it. While in the short term this may not be a huge loss for him, it could have major long term repercussions. We're told Vince McMahon already feels Orton is a "China doll" and unreliable.

Vince was already looking at Orton like this prior to this injury with his past Wellness problems not helping. Some are questioning whether or not Orton's days as a top guy are over.

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