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The Rock Urging WWE Officials To Bring Back Major Name That Played A Key Role In His Success During The Attitude Era, Who It Is & Why There's More To It Than Just Convincing Vince McMahon & Triple H

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While word has made rounds in many circles that Brian Gerwitz has been creatively involved in The Rock's latest return to WWE, we're told he's not the only guy Rock wants to see have a larger role in the company.

The Rock has been urging Vince McMahon and Triple H to get Pat Patterson more involved in the planning of longterm booking in WWE. It's been many years since Patterson has had influence on a regular basis and usually gets more involved around Royal Rumble time and is quickly forgotten until the next year. The Rock wants Patterson to have more influence year round.

Although convincing Vince and Hunter isn't the only obstacle, as we're told he would actually have to convince Patterson to take the increased responsibilities. A large part of phasing out Patterson has been of his own doing as he has desired to spend more time enjoying life outside of wrestling.

The Rock surprised Patterson at his birthday dinner (he turned 72) on Saturday night in South Florida. We're told Rock again mentioned to Patterson he should consider being more involved with WWE.

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