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Three Major Names Looking To Return To WWE But Why Vince McMahon Isn't Backing Off His Demands; How His Negotiations Tactics Have Changed Since CM Punk Got His Deal Last Year

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Last week we reported here on Premium about Vince McMahon feeling like he had been pushed around too much when negotiating with CM Punk last year. This caused him to start pushing back with other stars looking to return, including John Morrison.

I'm told Vince is continuing to "stick to his guns" with another recent example dealing with Steve Austin. The meeting we reported on between Austin and Vince was held at the behest of Austin and although they are still far apart on money, Vince feels like Austin blinked first and he really got off on Austin being the one to ask to come back to the table.

Another name that wants a short run to lead up to Wrestlemania 29 is Chris Jericho. However, so far, Vince is saying no because he feels like Jericho isn't willing to make a big enough commitment to the company. There have been plenty of times in recent years where Vince gave Jericho a lot of leeway, but Vince is really gung-ho right now on repairing what he sees as damage done to his negotiating leverage.

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