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Three Names Being Discussed As The Next "Paul Heyman Guy"

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There is currently a creative situation taking place in WWE where they are trying to determine the next "Paul Heyman Guy."

One of the top candidates is Ryback, with many feeling he could benefit from Paul as a tutor and mouthpiece. There is also talk about it being someone new from developmental. However, we're told with Curtis Axel "being kind of a dud so far," it would make more sense if they went with a name the WWE audience is already familiar with.

Another name that Heyman is rumored to be in favor of aligning with is Big E Langston. The idea here is Big E would provide some muscle backing up Axel, while also giving him a the rub.

At this point the talks are all in the preliminary stages but the next step in the Punk/Heyman saga seems to be the introduction of a new "Paul Heyman Guy."

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