The Main Reason TNA Is Fighting Ric Flair & Other Talents From Going To WWE Through The Brian Wittenstein Lawsuit, How The Litigation Has Resulted In WWE Blackballing A Lot Of Former TNA Stars That Haven't Worked There In Years, Current Stars Upset, TNA M

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To follow-up on the power struggle in TNA Wrestling that has Janice Carterthreatening to pull the plug on the entire company, I'm told one of the reasons TNA is fighting WWE over Ric Flair and a few others with the Brian Wittenstein lawsuit is because they are trying to prove to potential investors their roster is not only of value but WWE won't be able to just come along and pluck from it.

The litigation has created an interesting consequence as TNA is trying to cut everyone's pay whose contract is up for renegotiation and if a worker doesn't want to re-sign, they have no where to work. Not only is WWE not signing anyone from TNA because of the lawsuit but they are telling people who have worked for TNA in the past but haven't worked there at all in the last year or two that if you've worked for TNA at any point while Wittenstien was there (which was a while), WWE won't touch you until the lawsuit is over.

So there are a lot of workers completely irate that there's a hiring freeze on one end with TNA on the other side trying to make steep pay cuts across the board wherever possible.

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