TNA Wrestling Still Pursuing Big Name Free Agent, Update On Big Indy Name To WWE

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Impact Wrestling

TNA Still Pursuing Big Free Agent

We're told despite budget cuts that Bruce Prichard still insists that TNA Wrestling pursue a "big name" free agent. With Matt Morgan departing the company earlier this week, we're told Prichard is expected to push once again for the company to go after MVP. MVP has been very candid about not negotiating with TNA but not ruling it out either. Prichard has pushed to bring him in and feels with they could use his talent. He would not be able to use the MVP name.

Update on Big Indy Name to WWE

We're told Samuray Del Sol still doesn't know what the hold up is in the pre-screening process of his WWE contract. We're told he's just as clueless as anyone else but there has been no update on his status.

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