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Details On A Big TNA Name That Wants To Be In WWE That Recently Signed A New Contract - Who It Is & When They Could Make The Possible Jump

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Even though she just re-signed with TNA Wrestling, we're told Velvet Sky still has WWE aspirations, although it may be a long shot. She just signed a new two-year contract with TNA and at 31-years-old, the soonest she could go to WWE would be when she's 33. We're told she does have allies in the WWE office and if they're still in power two years from now, a jump couple be possible.

Believe it or not, WWE officials were were actually the ones encouraging her to just re-sign with TNA as those involved in talent relations for WWE have no idea how long the hiring freeze will last. She'd been stubbornly refusing to re-sign in hopes of jumping to WWE as quickly as possible, but for someone like her who originally made her mark in TNA, it could be a while until WWE is comfortable signing someone like that.

Sources close to Sky tell us on the condition of anonymity that she tried to get the shortest [with TNA] possible and eventually agreed to the two year deal. She wanted a one year deal in hopes that a year from now WWE would be able to sign her, but TNA wouldn't go any shorter than two years.

Those close to her say she's really bummed out about how the whole thing played out. She felt like at 31 this would be her last chance to get a WWE deal, fearing they wouldn't be interested in a new Diva about to enter her mid 30s. Sky is just one of the victims of TNA's litigation against WWE involving office employee Brian Wittenstein.

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