Backstage News On The Great Muta's Meeting With TNA Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett's New Role & Responsibilities In The Company, An Issue That No One In TNA Wants To Talk About

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Jeff Jarrett & The Great Muta

The Great Muta's TNA Meeting, Jeff Jarrett's New Responsibilities

Do not expect much to come out of the meeting between Jeff Jarrett and Keiji Mutoh (a/k/a The Great Muta) that took place last week in Nashville. We're told Mutoh is looking for investors in Japan on the idea that he can make inroads in the US market. The photo-op with TNA was merely for appearances so he can spin it that the meeting was more than it was.

Jarrett is taking over many of the talent relations responsibilities previously handled by Bruce Prichard. When Mutoh contacted TNA about discussing a talent exchange, he was originally scheduled to meet with Prichard. When Prichard departed, Jarrett was the guy that handled that kind of stuff.

Jesse Sorensen Update

The release of Jesse Sorensen from TNA Wrestling is just something no one wants to talk about. We're told Dixie Carter said to Sorensen at the hospital the night he got injured that he would never have to worry about money, which is how the supposed "job for life" promise got started. It's a tricky thing because Sorensen was making more money than someone else in his position and the company needed to cut expenses. The entire situation just really sucks.

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