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TNA To Eliminate US House Shows Next Year? Latest Update On Downsizing, Talent Issues

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Talent in TNA Wrestling is said to be "super paranoid" about rumors the company won't be running any house shows next year. Over the last few months, workers have been fighting and politicking to get on every house show they can, even to the extent of trying to get others taken off the card. The whole situation has brought morale down and it's gotten to the point where workers are turning on one another.

The current plan for TNA is to downsize as much as possible to try to survive off of whatever television they can get as well as the occasional international tour. We're told if TNA doesn't secure a much higher profile network than what they're currently expecting for domestic television, house shows in the US will be a thing of the past.

Contracts are currently setup where talent rely on income from house shows to make ends meet. As word continues to circulate, some TNA roster members have talked about asking for their release at the end of the year if it ends up being true that TNA could become a TV only promotion by 2015.

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