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Complete Update On TNA Wrestling's Negotiations For A New TV Deal With Spike TV & Details On Assurances The Network Wants To Extend Their Agreement

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We have a new update on TNA Wrestling's television negotiations with Spike TV.

We're being told that things between TNA and Spike have not been going well. Spike is looking for certain assurances of the level of talent that will be featured on Impact going forward. They are concerned about how many big stars that have departed, not to mention the rumors of more to come.

Spike is looking for TNA to commit to spending more money on talent if they're going to extend the deal. Right now, according to sources, the Carter family is refusing to put more money into the company.

TNA's deal is up in October - which is less than 4 months away - and it could be an interesting standoff. The Carters do not want to put any more money into the company, but from Spike's perspective, they do not want to re-up Impact for a few years, only for TNA to continue to get rid of guys with star power as a cost cutting measure.

One of our sources isn't sure if the impasse will be solved in time but noted it will be very interesting to watch.

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