Backstage News On Top TNA Stars Including Jeff Hardy & Kurt Angle Possibly Returning To WWE

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Jeff Hardy

There are a lot of rumors right now about WWE having interest in past names to help bolster the depth of their roster with the impending brand split. As with any rumor, some names being mentioned are true and others are not. We've been digging to get the latest information and will spend some time this week uncovering what we've found out. The first set of names we'll talk about are those currently working for TNA Wrestling or, in the case of Kurt Angle, just recently departed.

WWE has been playing very close attention to TNA's financial woes and are interested in Bobby Lashley, Drew Galloway and Jeff Hardy. I don't know about Lashley and Hardy but one source actually told me that WWE doesn't see Galloway's TNA contract being an issue what-so-ever. Given the recent hardships, the agreement reportedly doesn't hold much weight in terms of exclusivity.

As for Angle, he's been pushing hard for one more run [in WWE]. If he was going to get himself back in, this is about as good of a time as there will ever be. WWE needs the star power to carry two separate shows. So far thought, Vince McMahon has the same concerns he's always had about Angle.

One mainstream publication reported WWE has called Angle but that's not true. He's eager to get back but WWE is hesitant and skeptical.

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