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TNA's Uncertain Future, Talent WWE Is Interested In, Is WWE Going To Purchase The Company?

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Vince McMahon TNA

We noted yesterday about sources continually denying to us that WWE has ever been interested in purchasing TNA Wrestling. Multiple third party sources have reported there is interest so while I can’t confirm it, I’ll say if WWE is interested, they’re likely just interested in the tape library. I know there are some names they would like to bring in - specifically - Ethan Carter III, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy and Bobby Lashley — but that’s about it. Guys like Cody Rhodes are in big trouble if WWE buys TNA out because he was told if he went to TNA it would significantly lower the likelihood WWE would bring him back.

One source believes Billy Corgan has been planting rumors about there being multiple people interested in purchasing TNA to drum up interest. This same source claims Corgan does’t want to invest more of his own money into the company and he's hoping he can find an investor to buy out Dixie. That’s why we’ve rolled our eyes every time WWE has come up, assuming it was all a smokescreen to make someone else jump.

However, it’s getting to the point where something has to be done. Every taping that goes by, Billy is forced to invest more money to keep the company afloat and he’s slowly acquiring more of Dixie Carter’s shares. The problem is there are serious concerns that there isn’t sufficient funding to put on their Bound For Glory pay-per-view on Sunday, which could indicate a breaking point is near. TNA’s value would take a significant hit if they have to cancel their biggest show of the year or can’t fulfill their television contracts.

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