Tom's Tidings: Backstage News On Lesnar's Next Opponent, Bayley Segment From Raw, Why Dolph Went Over AJ & More

Brock Lesnar Unviversal Champion

- Cesaro was working under the weather over the weekend and into Monday.

- Producers backstage on Monday night considered cutting the Bayley "This is Your Life" segment short, virtually pulling the plug on it based on how it came across and the crowd. However, they kept waiting to see if it would get better and ultimately just ended up letting it run its course. For those wondering yes they knew it came across bad and didn't work 2 minutes in.

- This should not come as that much of a shock to anyone that's been following WWE lately, however, they still have not cemented in a winner for the Fatal Five Way on Sunday. Officials have gone back and forth on this. One of the issues with a decision is that the winner is likely just going to have a one-off with Brock, so anything long term with him would not be the winner of this match. They would like a Joe/Brock program down the line, but that would not be a one-off. They have a longest term plan in place they are waiting to pull the trigger on, which is Finn going heel on Brock, and finally forming the Balor Club. This would play into a long term angle against The Shield leading into the Road to WrestleMania. Then we would see Brock eventually saving The Shield and getting his revenge on The Balor Club, setting up Brock vs. Roman at WrestleMania 34. That has been a plan that has been in play for a while, but it's too early to pull that play now and that is likely to not start forming until the end of summer or the start of fall.

If we take Finn and Joe out of the equation, it leaves Roman which is unlikely because of the aforementioned plans for WrestleMania 34, so it truly leaves Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt. WWE logic tells me Bray isn't ready to lose another big match and it could be Rollins, as a loss would not hurt him and it could play into a longer storyline down the line.

- Dolph Ziggler going over AJ Styles on SmackDown was just to help build back up Dolph. For those concerned AJ fans, don't panic.

- I had heard around 10 days ago in regards to the Women's MITB match and thought they did a very nice job setting it up on SmackDown. Charlotte is a big star and makes the match seem so much more legitimate. That's taking away nothing from the other women, she just has a different presence.

- WWE knows they completely butchered American Alpha first run and are trying to find a way to build them back.

- Tommaso Ciampa has a torn ACL and will likely be out around 6 months.

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