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Tom's Tidings: Backstage News on The KO/McMahon Angle, Return of Former Intercontinental Champion, Possible Miz Angle, and more

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The Vince/Owens segment was written by Jimmy Jacobs and Vince himself. The headbutt was a call that Vince made on his own. Vince wanted color during the segment so he made the call on the headbutt while others just wanted to do a stiff right hand. During the segment, you can see Vince checking to see if he was colored after the headbutt prior to Owens striking his head making sure. Where is this all going? The current idea is for Owens to go over Shane at Hell in a Cell which would lead to a setup with Hunter looking for revenge for his father and law at Survivor Series. Vince was thrilled with Owens and told him such backstage. Vince wanted to make a superstar and has chosen Owens.

Tom's thoughts: Obviously many were up in arms and very upset with the headbutt spot. People mentioning CTE, Concussions, and more for reasons of the stupidity. While I'm simply not going to touch if I felt throwing a stiff headbutt was a good idea or not I will simply say this; Pro Wrestling is a work. Why, oh why, do I see stiff suplexes, elbows, and kicks anywhere? Why am I seeing workers busted open the hard way to get blood as blading is a no-no? Why have we not gimmicked different gimmicks to make them more usable without taking a toll on the body? Frankly, all of those things bother me much worse than one headbutt! Was it dumb? Sure it was! Did the angle come across great? It sure did! The bottom line in all of this is a mentality: it's Vince McMahon's old school way of thought mixed with his stubbornness to admit he's getting too old for this. I was more offended with Stephanie and Hunter smiling and doing the MYC like nothing happened, you have to plan better.

WWE is still trying to find something to do with Luke Harper prior to bringing him back to TV, he is completely healthy and working house shows.

Tom's Thoughts: How they cannot find something to do with a guy with the size of Harper and the talent is absolutely amazing to me. Here is hoping when they do bring him back they really give the guy a run and a chance before it is too late.

Steph and Vince both love the work that Cathy Kelly has done for WWE in her media role and backstage stuff. Vince and the office have begun using her more and you will see her on more specials moving forward.

Tom's Thoughts: Cathy's smile is infectious and always carries positive energy. She also does a great job and is far from their normal robots. She reminds Vince of a young Stephanie and Vince loves people that remind him of himself or his family.

AOP was brought back to NXT at the tapings this week for 2 reasons, #1: there was a split on who thought they were ready for the main roster and who didn't, and #2: even those who thought they were ready couldn't find a plan for them that would work right now and did not want another "Ascension situation."


There is a rumor going around that officials want to do a baby angle with Miz and another man is the baby's father.

Tom's Thoughts: Miz is far from stupid and understands in this business you never add your significant other to a storyline with someone else as it ends badly. Also, WWE has not shown any patience and if you're telling me they are going to build this for 7+ months... I just can't see that happening.

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