Tom's Tidings: NJPW Invading America & How WWE Is Handling It


With New Japan Pro Wrestling invading into the United States, WWE is keeping close tabs on it. However, not for the reasons many would think. WWE is keeping close to the situation based on talent that will be in the states, almost like a courting process. WWE will have representatives in Long Beach in addition to the surrounding areas. WWE would like to take this opportunity to personally meet some of the talent they have had an eye on, while not tampering with contracts, but just letting guys know we see you and your work is not going unnoticed.

Let's not forget as well that the Marty Scurll deal is up atthe end of July and at this point he has not re-upped with ROH and/or New Japan in a new deal, and may just be as high on their radar as anyone. As we stated a few weeks ago here on WNW Premium, WWE feels Marty's facials and act would be an easy transition to their company. He is obviously not the only one on their list, and I'm sure with growing tension between Omega long-term and NJPW, they will once again make it known and will offer him a deal in January.

We will have more on the NPJW and Omega rift later this weekend.

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