Tom's Tidings: Shelton Benjamin, Miz's New Entourage, Is Finn In The Doghouse?, SummerSlam Main Event

Finn Balor & Triple H

- For those wondering about the rumors floating around in regards to Shelton Benjamin signing with WWE, this shouldn't really be news as this has been the plan the whole time, especially with WWE helping and assisting him in finding the correct doctors and surgeons.

- The plan right now is for Maryse to be taking some time off, and that is why they went with the angle for The Miz having a new entourage.

- Finn Balor is not in the dog house. WWE simply did not have many solid plans after Braun Strowman got hurt, and when they shook everything up, they really didn't have a storyline for Finn until SummerSlam.

- The Conor McGregor mentions by WWE lately are just to draw attention to themselves and from the fight. There is no deal in place to get Conor to appear on WWE at this time, despite their efforts for WrestleMania.

- There have been many, many teases and tweets regarding Adam Cole. As of now, the plan has not changed for a debut at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn. If things are sped up, we will let you know.

- For those wondering, WWE does not have a SummerSlam main event completely finalized and they have may speed up some plans. We'll have more on the four main events that are penciled in later this week.

Zack Reacts: I still think it's unacceptable to "have nothing" for Finn Balor, no matter how heavy the roster is right now. However, if his match with Elias Samson is a "one and done" because they need something to do with him until SummerSlam feuds start, then fine. Still not thrilled, but fine. Glad to see Braun back in the picture, glad he has recovered quickly. As for WWE throwing out Conor McGregor's name all the time, I get sick of WWE trying to ride whatever is in the spotlight at the moment. It'll never stop, but I hate it. It's not like it adds more eyes to the product because they mention someone's name. It just makes WWE seem desperate to seem relevant. Finally, I'm happy to see Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas with something to do. I've already seen people saying, "oh geez they've been relegated to being henchmen." However, it's not like these guys were being used on TV at all, and any time they put someone on TV in any manor, it's a plus. Vince McMahon is ABSOLUTELY an out of sight out of mind person so getting their face in front of the camera is important.

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