Tom's Tidings: Where Finn Is, Why Cena Is A Free Agent, The Real Braun Strowman Health Update, Roman's Announcement, & More

Braun Strowman

- We covered Finn Balor doing "promo" work in Japan and Singapore and that is why is was off Raw this week. As previously noted, the company didn't have a storyline planned for him after Extreme Rules.

- The John Cena "free agent" stuff is happening because WWE is panicking with the Raw ratings and want him on both shows.

- There are stories floating around in regards to Braun Strowman, so we wanted to give the real story about his health: He is not cleared to wrestle, but that's mostly because they are not using him at the moment. The doctor will give him his clearance when they have decided what they want to do moving forward with him. In the mean time, as of this writing, he has received clearance to return to the ring to train only.

- The Roman Reigns-SummerSlam announcement was put together Monday and could go a few different ways. As most readers are probably aware, Vince likes to change his mind several times before anything big actually gets announced.

- There was some concern that Brock Lesnar may have suffered an injury from the kick to the face from Samoa Joe; however, that was not the case. The angle made Joe come across very, very strong.

- For those wondering - yes, when WWE saw the NBA game would be going against them, they pretty much changed some booking so that nothing very important aired after 8:45 EST. This is why the Joe/Lesnar angle went on first instead of last.

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