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Top TNA Name Without Contract, Bully Ray's Future, TNA Without Spike TV

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I was told on Monday that Havok had not signed a contract with TNA Wrestling, despite her strong push on television. That push got even stronger on Tuesday night as you can read what happened at this link.

I don't know if her status changed between Monday and Tuesday but I was assured she'll be offered a contract as soon as TNA's TV situation is settled.

We are able to confirm that Bully Ray has verbally agreed to stay with TNA until the end of the year. Ray was offered "decent money" per date to make sure he didn't leave right in the middle of being featured on television as one of the top guys.

Speaking of TNA's uncertain future on TV, we don't have a notable update. They remain engaged with a few networks but nobody has offered anything close to what Spike TV was paying. If TNA loses Spike as currently expected, it's going to be "some lean times" regardless of how things play out.

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