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Top TNA Names With Expiring Contracts Re-Signing With TNA Wrestling Rather Than Waiting for Possible WWE Opportunities Due To Ongoing Litigation - Who They Are & How TNA Has Successfully Protected Their Roster

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There continues to be a lot of frustration about the WWE hiring freeze in regards to former TNA talent due to the ongoing litigation.

One observer says there is a certain level of acceptance since there really isn't much that can be done. Some names that were resistant to signing new TNA contracts have ended up re-signing because they don't have anywhere to go. This same observer says the anti-TNA sentiment amongst talent has also started to subside and morale has improved in recent weeks.

Velvet Sky was one name in particular that had hoped for a run in WWE but she finally gave up and re-signed with TNA. Others are starting to realize there is no way of knowing how long the lawsuit will remain ongoing and it isn't worth the risk of being on the sidelines indefinitely.

This ties into the report we ran here on Premium regarding TNA Champion Jeff Hardy.

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