Backstage News On A Top TNA Star Believed To Be Leaving - Details On Lack Of WWE Interest But How This Person Is One Jeff Jarrett Wants To Build Global Force Wrestling Around; GFW TV Update

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There are a lot of people interested in Kurt Angle's future, especially after his interview on the podcast of Jim Ross last week. For those that missed it, Angle stated his contract with TNA Wrestling expires on September 21, 2014 and he has declined an extension. As I've reported on numerous occasions, Angle is looking to keep his options open and knows this is his last chance at a respectable contract.

In regards to possible WWE interest in Angle, we're told there is currently very little (if any) interest in him returning as an in-ring performer. I'm told by one WWE source they could see the company hiring him as an NXT trainer on down the line but he shouldn't expect an offer for his in-ring services.

On the flip side, we're told Jeff Jarrett wants to build Global Force Wrestling around Angle, so even if WWE interest is minimal, he 's certainly not rushing to re-sign with TNA (where he's been unhappy for quite some time).

However, all is not well for Jarrett and his upstart promotion. We're told he is "having major trouble" finding a TV outlet and his investors do not want to start signing high priced talent before they are confident they can get on TV.

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