Top WWE Star Leaning Towards Retirement After New Injury Concerns, Backstage Reaction To John Cena's "Loser" Gimmick On Last Night's Raw Supershow Including How it Involved The News Of His Divorce, Lack Of Unity Amongst The WWE Creative Team Exposed With

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Richard's Backstage Blog

- With news breaking last night via Mark Henry's official Twitter account that he's undergoing surgery today, I'm told Henry is leaning towards retirement. Going into the surgery, it's believed Henry doesn't feel at his size and age he is going to make a full recovery and doesn't want to return only to do permanent damage to his body. Henry has talked retirement for quite some time with his contract believed to be coming up before the end of the year.

- John Cena's over-the-top "goofy" and "annoying" role he played last night in the segment with John Laurinaitis was supposed to be a rib on smarter "smark" fans due to reports surfacing that he was devastated from his divorce. While the "LOSER" lines went over OK with the live crowd, the feeling backstage was it was a step backwards.

- I heard some of the producers were baffled at the logic on last night's Raw Supershow with Big Show being "fired" for mocking John Laurinaitis' voice only for John Cena to do it in a ten minute promo with no repercussions. There continues to be a divide about story lines not booked in unity with segments being scripted and then expected just to make sense.

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