Top WWE Star Upset Over Their Wrestlemania 29 Plans & Pushing For A Character Turn

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We're told Ryback is still upset he won't be challenging for or winning (one of the original plans) the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 29 and is pushing for a heel turn.

One observer described it similar to the situation CM Punk was in last year where he realized the only way he was going to move further up the card was to go heel. Punk grew frustrated and eventually accepted the fact he'd never be pushed in front of John Cena as the top babyface but could maybe solidify himself as the top heel.

When evaluating the "lay of the land," were told Ryback has also realized he's not going to take Cena's spot as the top babyface but feels he has a chance of taking Punk's spot as the top heel if he turns.

As for what the office thinks, they're not hot on the idea of turning Ryback. They haven't outright told him no but we're told it would be surprising if they caved in the immediate future.

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