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Triple H Blackballing A Prospective SummerSlam Match Being Pitched By A WWE Legend - Who It Involves & Why Hunter Doesn't Want The Match To Happen

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Mick Foley has been pushing for a match at SummerSlam but has been getting the cold shoulder. From what I've been told, Foley would like to wrestle Dean Ambrose as a culmination of their online/viral feud that started over Wrestlemania XXVIII weekend earlier this year.

Foley's biggest hurdle is Triple H. Hunter "has it out" for Foley and often shoots down ideas involving him, especially if he knows the hardcore legend is behind them.

Regardless of strong opposition from Triple H, Foley's pitched program with Ambrose may still happen but it's not currently in the plans for SummerSlam. I'm told Hunter isn't big on the idea of Foley wrestling again. Foley had been scheduled for a while to return to TV at the end of June, so he ended up just being used as the interim GM, although originally Foley thought he'd be returning to kick off his program with Ambrose.

As for Foley's reaction to being blackballed by Hunter, he's trying to "no sell" the whole situation and roll with the punches but he's very aware of what is going on.

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