Triple H Not Wanting To Push WWE Headliner Due To Expiring Contract

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Triple H

We reported last week here on Premium on WWE trying to heat up on Alberto Del Rio. There’s a lot more to that story. Triple H isn’t a Del Rio fan and Del Rio knows he’s the one in Vince McMahon’s ear to make sure he isn’t given a big push.

Well with Del Rio’s contract expiring in October, Vince is worried that he’ll leave again if he’s not featured more prominently. A few weeks ago this wouldn’t have been thought of as a huge blow, but with the brand split, guys like Del Rio suddenly have more leverage as WWE now needs twice as many headliners.

The plan is for him to get a stronger push now with the split but Triple H is still leery of giving him the ball and letting him run with it, especially when his contract is up in a few months. Vince wants to take a “wait and see” approach. Vince is the type of guy that believes he can talk someone out of leaving and figure out a way to make them stay, although in recent years his midas touch has certainly diminished.

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