Triple H "Playing Hardball" With Two Former WWE Stars Looking To Return - Who They Are & How The Precedent Hunter Is Trying To Set Goes Back To The Strained Relationship With The Rock, Details On Why Brock Lesnar Doesn't Face Similar Heat & Criticism

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Triple H

While both Rob Van Dam and MVP have been trying to get back into WWE, we're told Triple H hasn't shown much interest in MVP and he's far more open to bringing back RVD. One source, speaking with me under the condition of anonymity, says Hunter is playing hardball with both. He wants the precedent set that if you leave, you can't just "waltz back in" whenever you want.

RVD claimed earlier this week he had plans but didn't reveal them. He did, however, confirm he has not signed a contract with anyone.

As for the precedent Triple H is trying to set, we're told this could also play a part in his strained relationship with The Rock. Some of the boys look at Rock's schedule and feel the company shouldn't cater so much to a guy that comes and goes as he pleases. Brock Lesnar doesn't get the same amount of heat because he hasn't been in the championship picture and he hasn't been beating the guys that are there all the time.

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