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Backstage Details On A Top Priority That Caused Triple H & Stephanie McMahon To Change Their Weekend Plans, Who Vince McMahon Wants To Push After Wrestlemania & How It Could Involve A Character Turn

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Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

WWE Pursuing Schwarzenegger

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon both made it to the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio over the weekend. They've gone in the past but the priority this year was to meet with Arnold Schwarzenegger about possibility inducting Bruno Sammartino into the WWE Hall of Fame over Wrestlemania 29 weekend. Arnold and Bruno have known each other for decades and when Bruno signed the deal for the WWE Hall of Fame, he was asked for ideas on who should induct him. Bruno mentioned he was already scheduled to appear at the Arnold Classic and would talk to Arnold about it.

We're told it was considered a high enough priority that Hunter and Stephanie changed their schedules to make sure they could meet with Arnold and Bruno together last weekend. Right now Arnold is the number one guy WWE wants to induct Bruno and they're pursuing him aggressively.

Big E Langston Due A Push

Vince McMahon is looking to push Big E Langston following Wrestlemania 29 or perhaps even into the summer. One idea pitched was for Langston to turn babyface because he was "sick" of being Dolph Ziggler's sidekick. His limited bodyguard role with Ziggler was done to get him acclimated with life on the road, the crowd, etc.

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