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Triple H Wants Shawn Michaels Involved In Match At Wrestlemania 32

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Shawn Michaels & Triple H

On Monday, we detailed how Vince McMahon wants The Rock to referee Triple H vs. Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 32 (story here). There, we explained how Vince wants to give Rock the relative rub but they’re in a position where that could backfire with the crowd turning on a Reigns win.

Triple H, on the other hand, wants Shawn Michaels to referee the match. Under this scenario, the underlying idea would be that he “assumes” HBK will help him out, but in the end, after Triple H tries to rough up Michaels for calling things down the middle, HBK would get “fed up” with Triple H and help Roman Reigns win.

With all the back and forth this close out, one close observer described it as “pure insanity.”

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