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Triple H Calls For Major Change In Philosophy With How WWE Handles Releases, The New Edict That Will Shock You; Two WWE Stars That Are Ready To Return But Have No Return Plans & Why They Might Be On Their Way Out Of The Company

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Triple H

There has been an interesting shift in philosophy ongoing in WWE thanks to the ascension of Triple H. We're told Hunter feels it makes the company look bad when they have "mass releases" at a time, which is why WWE hasn't had tremendous post-Wrestlemania roster cuts like we've seen in years past. Triple H's rationale is that if WWE is a successful company, why would they fire talent in droves every year?

Therefore the edict is essentially this - Don't fire anybody!

Some may ask, well they just cut Kassius Ohno on Friday? We're told the philosophy doesn't extend to developmental talent as they are not yet "WWE Superstars." However, once a worker makes it to the main roster, that worker must do something that is "so terrible that it's unavoidable" to actually lose their job. We're told Hunter would rather allow for contracts to run out and not re-sign them, as opposed to making a publicized cut.

Two examples that were given to us were Evan Bourne and Ezekiel Jackson. Both are ready to return but WWE has struggled to find plans for either one. We're told they're being kept on payroll until their deals run out rather than cut them loose early if it's decided to not bring them back.

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