Triple H's Reaction To Cesaro's Risk, Reigns Coached For Raw Error, Last-Minute Changes

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- While there were some that felt Cesaro pushed the envelope a little too hard with his dive through the ropes to the outside at Clash of Champions, Triple H wasn’t one of them. Hunter shook his hand when he got to the back and put him over for his toughness. Sheamus was the one in error as he didn’t execute his portion correctly, however, nothing was said to him.

- The full extent of the injury to Seth Rollins is still not known. It’s a rib injury and WWE will hope to get him back with a little bit of time off but if there is a fracture or a tear, he could be out a lot longer. There wasn't a lot of optimism on Monday but no one wants to rush to judgment without an official medical diagnosis.

- Roman Reigns was “coached” backstage at Raw about there being a right time to improvise. This has to do with the crowd cheering for a chair shot after his match with Rusev, with them firmly behind him, only for him to sit down instead of hit it. As seen on TV, this caused the crowd to turn. It’s not that Reigns was criticized for the error, as he’s seen as a genuine hard worker but he’s never had to read a crowd or call matches based on their reaction.

- Sami Zayn was scheduled to beat Chris Jericho at Clash of Champions and The New Day were scheduled to lose via disqualification but Vince McMahon called an audible shortly before the show started.

- There is talk of doing a triple-threat Hell in a Cell match at the pay-per-view next month featuring WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins. However, with Rollins injured, they may decide to keep him out of it. There was also talk about adding Sami Zayn but that was before the decision was made to put Jericho over.

- Bayley’s stock is on the rise as we’re told she’s really won management over lately, which should help her down the line.

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