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Turmoil At FloSlam After Failing To Buy TNA And Land ROH Deal

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There is some turmoil right now at the streaming service FloSlam.

They fired Jeremy Botter and there could more releases to come. We’re told the higher ups are not happy that the service hasn't taken off the way they anticipated. The goal was to have 25,000 subscribers by the end of the year and they're not even going to do a quarter of that.

There is also disappointment internally that they've failed to land a deal with any major Japanese or Mexican pro wrestling promotions. Not to mention the deal with Ring of Honor falling through.

The business plan was to be able to offer major companies from the US, Mexico and Japan and while they did land EVOLVE, Flo expected to be able to complete deals with ROH, New Japan and either CMLLL or AAA.

There also is some regret about not being more flexible when they attempted to buy TNA Wrestling. Dixie Carter insisted on keeping five percent, which she ultimately got to keep when Anthem bought the company. But when Flo tried to buy, they wanted 100% and weren't willing to do any deal that resulted in Dixie retaining the small minority stake.

Combine that with not being flexible with ROH on the length of a deal and you end up with a situation where they did get the number four company in the US, but missed out on two and three, and have nothing of note in terms of Japan of Mexico.

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