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TV Updates On TNA, Ring Of Honor & GFW - The Battle For Secondary Air Time

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Global Force Wrestling

While TNA Wrestling knew they were gone from Destination America and had been scrambling for a new home, ROH really came down to the wire. They weren't officially told by Destination America that they were done until an email a couple of weeks ago. Joe Koff had Comet as a back up plan, so they were ready the next day to announce a new deal whenever they finally got word from Destination America.

But ROH is still searching for a better network. Comet is just something they owned that they could put themselves on for PR purposes so it looked like they were simply moving from one network to another as opposed to losing a TV deal with nothing to show for it. There was also the benefit of it helping get the word out about Comet, a channel basically nobody had even heard of.

Once TNA announced their new deal on Pop, everyone at Global Force Wrestling went quiet. Remember, they were interested in going there and thought they could get on like Paragon Pro Wrestling did. They have a lot of TV in the can and ready to air, just no domestic channel to air it at this point.

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