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Up-And-Coming WWE Star Requests Meeting With Triple H & John Laurinaitis About The Lack Of Top Heels In The Company & Ends Up Getting Humbled - Details On What Happened That Resulted In Eye-Rolling Booking From The WWE Creative Team

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Richard's Backstage Blog

I heard from a source earlier this week that Dolph Ziggler requested a meeting with Triple H and John Laurinaitis several weeks ago. In it, Ziggler pointed out the lack of main event and upper mid-card heels in the company. Apparently he pitched an idea to break away from Vickie Guerrero and Jack Swagger to focus on becoming WWE's next big heel. My source pointed out he wasn't complaining about his position but just wanted to see what he needed to do and pitched an idea to make him a stronger heel.

Since the meeting, Ziggler has had his push turned up and pumped down. However, what happened at this week's TVs was very telling. For those that missed it, Ziggler & Jack Swagger went under to Jimmy & Jey Uso on this week's WWE Superstars. While Dolph didn't take the pin, the job was clean going into their match for the WWE Tag Team Championship at Over the Limit on Sunday.

The feeling is this was WWE's way of letting Ziggler know they didn't want his input and "knew what they were doing." I'm told Ziggler is frustrated but not acting on it, just telling people close to him that when he gets the ball, he's going to "slam-dunk it." Clearly WWE is testing Ziggler to see how he handles adversity before any type of push materilizes.

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