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Up And Coming WWE Star Unhappy & Frustrated With Their Position In The Company - Who It Is & What The Issues Have Been

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There has been a lot of speculation regarding the status of Kassius Ohno and whether or not he's on his way out of WWE before getting called up from developmental. We're told the rampant rumors and doubts about his status have "only added to his frustration" about not getting called up. We are able to confirm that due to frustration, his attitude has been pessimistic and weight training sessions have not been a priority to him.

Ohno's physique has never been his strong suit but there have been times he's been pulled aside and asked to focus more on weight training. We're told these type of suggestions usually end up offending him.

Kassius has been on the short list to get called up to the main roster several times but we're told every time he's been "tested with his attitude and commitment," he's failed the test. While I've been careful to push back on everyone that questions the stability of TNA Wrestling, the word going around in NXT is that it may not be the option it once was for workers that do not make it in developmental.

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