Details On Another Possible WWE Title Change - How It Involves A Current Mid-Card Talent & Hinges On Another Program's Outcome

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We noted earlier here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com that there was talk of putting the Divas Championship on AJ Lee coming out of this week's WWE Raw. We're told if they do ultimately end up going that direction so that both her and Dolph Ziggler have titles, there have been discussions about putting Big E Langston over for a secondary title.

I was told both the Intercontinental and United States titles would be candidates with the US title being more likely. This way the entire faction would hold a title.

Back to AJ, we're told they don't want to rush her and putting her over for the Divas title is not a definite. However, if they do go in that direction, don't be surprised if Langston ends up with a secondary strap.

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